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Welcome to Bridge Counselling Plymouth. Counselling for Depression | Anxiety | Trauma | PTSD | EMDR Therapy | in Plymouth.
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Couples Counselling in Plymouth

If you're looking for Couples Counselling Plymouth. HERE IS A METHOD THAT WORKS. Paul Spreadbridge is a very experienced therapist specialising in Couples Counselling, Relationship Therapy and Pre-Marital Therapy in Plymouth. Bringing specialised training alongside experience to support couples struggling with being in a marriage/relationship and what can sometimes seem like insurmountable problems. The roles of women and men have changed dramatically and so have our expectations of what a relationship is; our new desires are not matched by new skills. Whatever you learnt growing up about relationships is probably not enough to give you all you hope for. Seeking professional help makes sense when you can't do what you need to do on your own.
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Counselling Plymouth

Together we can help you find the inner strength and 
resources you have to move forwards with confidence.
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